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The AQW Sailor's Paradise. We like sailling smyuh..

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AQW Community


We're a fast growing AQW community focused solely on providing the best AQW bots you'll find, completely free of charge and safe from malware. If you're new to botting and need some help getting it to work, feel free to join our discord support server and check out our various guides and resources there. Keep Sailing!

Harbor Ports

Here in the port, you can find the places wher you can find us.

If you got removed from our discord server "Pearl Harbor", don't worry. You were not banned, we just had an unfortunate mishap.
Simply rejoin the discord server using the link next here.

AQW Private Server

Play Skidson Mafia

Skidson Mafia: An online AQW private server that has several experienced staff members, hundreds of events for you to play through, and over 12000+ items for you to collect! Come over to our server and find people to play with, and talk about your discoveries in-game!


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